Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week in Review

Monday we bought the kids new bunk beds. I've been rearranging and deep cleaning the bedrooms upstairs to make way for the new baby. The plan was to get new bunk beds to make more room in the kids room, then move Ethan into the study so the baby could have the nice unisex yellow nursery. So the bunk beds were put together and Ethan was so excited only to realize he didn't get to sleep in them. So on Friday night (after much begging) we dragged his toddler bed into the kids room and he slept in there with them. The next day Sarah and Joshua both said they wanted Ethan to stay in the room so I spent the whole day on Saturday moving around clothes in the closet etc to make the switch permanent. They are all so happy to be sharing a room. We'll see how it goes when school starts this week. I'm excited to still have a guest room/office. I don't how long it will last but I'm in no hurry to talk them out of it. They fight a lot during the day but they love to be together at night and not a single one of them wanted their own room.

On a different note here are a couple of things the kids said this week that made me laugh. We were going to a friends wedding this week and Ethan asked me if I was married, I said, "Yes I'm married to Daddy." As he said, "Oh, and I is married to you!"

Joshua gave a talk in Primary. We asked him after if it went well. He replied, "Yeah I did a really good job, they should make my talk an Article of Faith!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty Bird

So we are going to give the pet thing another try. Here's the whole story. Last week we took the kids on a walk and found a parakeet in the middle of nowhere. The kids managed to catch it and we carried it home in an old cup. Because it was late we told the kids we could go the next night and get him a proper cage, food, etc. They were so excited about it all. Well he didn't make it through the night. I had already sent the kids off the school when I came home and realized he was dead. I cried for almost an hour (I'm blaming that on the pregnancy hormones) but mostly because I knew how upset the kids would be when they came home from school and my heart broke for them. And I was right, they both cried. We went to the pet store anyway and bought a new bird along with all the supplies. They got to pick out there favorite. He his a very pretty bright yellow and green parakeet. They named him Sunshine. We've had him less than a week and I'm surprised at how well he is doing. He lets all the kids hold him on their finger. They are only allowed to hold him inside the cage for now so they sit next to the cage and put their hand inside to hold him. The bird has a really nice personality, he has never tried to bite the kids. If he doesn't want to be held he just turns his back on them. I got a book on parakeet care and read it to the kids. They are being very gentle and patient. I'm working with the bird during the day so that when the kids come home from school he is very friendly. I have to admit I'm really enjoying having him around. I'll try to get some picture of the kids holding him.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun Weekend

We took the family out for the long weekend. For lunch we went the Red Lobster. That's Shaun's favorite place and since it was his birthday we let him choose. The kids like to see the lobsters in the tank and one of the waiters pulled one out and let the kids touch it. Very exciting for them. I asked Ethan if we should eat it and his reply was, "We don't eat animals, we eat food." Silly mommy! Then we went Putt-Putt golfing. Golfing with a three year old is really fun. Ethan kept picking up every ones ball and bringing it back to them, what a good helper. I'm sure you can imaging how much the other two kids appreciated his help! So Ethan and I split off and hit one hole ahead. Every time I missed the hole who would say, "That's OK mom" and go and put my ball in the hole for me." I had a perfect score of 18.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BOY or GIRL ?????

That is the million dollar question. We had our ultrasound this morning and we still don't know. The tech said it's little legs were squeezed together so tight she could see nothing. Throughout the entire 20 minute ultrasound those little legs wouldn't budge. But the baby is healthy and growing well. The kids were really disappointed about not knowing. So am I. Ethan was a surprise baby too and so at least we have a nice neutral yellow nursery all ready to go. But which clothes do I pull out of storage to wash? I wish I could say I have a feeling about this one but I don't. I guess we'll have to do it the old fashion way and wait until January.