Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Pictures

The kids after finding all the Easter eggs.
Joshua's birthday. He wanted chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting, and rainbow sprinkels. Sounds like a perfect cake to me.

They love to play dress up. Ethan is Darth Vader in the middle. He thinks he is very scary when he has the mask on and we have to pretend to be very scared. He pronounces it "Darf Adder"

What were you thinking?

The other day Joshua was attacking his ear with a q-tip. I asked him what was wrong and he said something was in his ear making it tickel. I looked inside and saw a little pebbel. I got it out but he said he could still feel something in there. We took him down to the clinic the next day so Shaun could look inside with an otoscope and there were many little pebbels in his ear. We had to make an appotiment to have them flushed out with an ear syrienge. There were a total of 7 rocks in one ear. I keep asking him why would you do that and the best answer I could get was his friend was doing it and it looked like fun. He promised he would never stick anything, anywhere, ever again.