Saturday, April 28, 2007

My first Twinky, yum yum good! I love it.

Hello, I'm Ethan. I can go anywhere and get into anything. Mom thinks this gate will stop me, boy is she wrong.

Hi I'm Joshua. I have a new motorcycle shirt. I like to go to the ATV store. I like video games.

These are my new spiderman pj's, nana bought for me at a garage sale. I jump high and far when I wear this costume.

Meet Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah. This is me playing dress up. I dressed up like a princess going to the ball. My mom let me wear her makeup. This is one of my favorite church dresses. I danced with the prince at the ball.

My First Blog Attempt

I was told that making a blog was easy and fun. We will see. I enjoy looking at Heather so much I thought it would be fun to try my own. Hopefully this will be a great way for all to keep in touch and see our family grow and change.