Monday, May 18, 2009

0 Pets

I have no idea what happened. On Sunday I decided it had been one week with our pets and they needed fresh clean water. We carefully scooped out the tadpoles, still had 13 good swimmers. Changed out the water and put them all back in. I pre-treated the water with the special drops just like last time. The only thing we did different is added a Lilly bulb and not line the bottom with sand. This morning they were fine when we checked and by 2:00 pm all dead. I can't figure it out. The kids were not as sad as thought, they just said "Can we go get more?"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

13 Pets

The kids now have a pet, 13 to be exact. A friend of ours has a pond and they have thousands of tadpoles in it. She let me take a scoop home. We ended up with 13. We made a little "pond" in the backyard with a bucket and some rocks. The kids are thrilled and check on them many times a day. It will be fun to watch them develop into frogs or toads. I did a little research on caring for tadpoles so I didn't kill them. We've had them a week and they seem to be doing just fine. Ethan checks on them everyday and reports back to me, "No frogs today!"