Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Traditions

We are starting a new tradition this year of doing one themed meal a month. Joshua was in charge of the first month and he wanted a Chinese dinner. It was also the Chinese new year which made is really easy to find decorations for it. The overall theme is the color red which is a lucky color in China.
This year is the year of the dragon.
Ready to eat. We also had our nephew Devin in town for the weekend. He came in to help Shaun build his shed. The man in charge.I found colored fortune cookies.Each kid got a red envelope with money inside with their named written on it in Chinese writing. We all ate with chopsticks. We had egg rolls, pot stickers, rice, and fruit. It was a lot of fun. Stayed tuned - Mom's in charge of the dinner next month.

Planning Ahead

Target had Halloween Costumes on super sale so we are planning ahead for next year. I told the boys they could try them on one time then I was packing them away so they won't get ruined. Even Sarah joined in on the fun.

Friday, January 6, 2012

All Worn Out

Christmas Day - 2nd Round

Christmas Day at Home

Christmas Eve

I told the kids they could open ONE present on Christmas Eve, but I got to choose the present. Sarah looks a little suspicious.
But hey, a present is a present - they'll open anything.Hurray, new Christmas PJ's.