Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas At Nana's House (and Grandpa lives there too.)

It is very hard to get 22 people to hold still.
Rock on Cameron!
Grandpa dove right in to playing with his new toys.
My very cute newest nephew, Dean.
Cole loves hair, real or fake.

Christmas Day at Home

The kids all got tool boxes and wooden toys to build and paint. Here they are hard at work.

Why you don't usually see pictures of Shaun and I on the blog.

Snow Day 2010

Meeting Santa

Meeting Santa is not as exciting as it sounds.

Setting Up for Christmas

Cole took advantage of mom being distracted and started to climb the stairs.Caught again!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cole's New Noise

The Great Elk Hunt

Shaun, his father, our two nephews and Roger Rigby had the elk hunt this weekend. These pictures were actually taken the next day, right before they cleaned and boned out the elks. They got two, one for Shaun and one for his dad. Be thankful you can't smell over the computer, yuck. They were planning on being gone for 3 days, they returned in about 24 hours. Joshua and Ethan were thrilled to be able to go the next day to "chop the head off". Joshua was a little sad that Daddy wouldn't let him bring home the skin because he really wanted to make something with it like shoes or a coat or a drum.