Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We spent Thanksgiving in Bluewater again. All I can say in Brrrr! The day before was 70 degrees then it dropped to 40. What a shock. We had a great time with great food. It was a small gathering this year only 20 people. When you come from a family with 31 grandkids 20 people for Thanksgiving is a small crowd. DeeAnne made many wonderful pies ( so much for eating healthy). We played cards (hand and foot) and rode ATVs. And of course I don't have a single photo to back it up, sorry I'm so bad at taking pictures. Anyway just trying to keep up on the blog thing.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tag Done

I will do the best I can with this but I'll be lucky to get up to six with out cheating and telling stories about my kids.

1) I love ASL. I've been taking lessons for over five years now (on and off). I hope one day to become a certitfied interpreter. I went into fits of jealousy when I found out Heather belonged to the Deaf ward. Oh I could learn so much there.
2) I love to read and I have trouble seperating my real life from what I am reading. I have to be careful not to get mad at my husband for the mistakes that other men make in books.
3) I love to organize things. I'm not bad enough to need therapy for it but I'll find myself organizing the clothes on the rack at Target while I'm shopping.

I can't think of anything else right now, deal with it. Maybe I'll finish this up later.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

I don't know about anyone else but I'm glad Halloween is finally over. Between school carnivals, church partys, and regular trick-or-treating I have had enough. I wasn't the only one though. When I got Josh up the morning of Halloween he asked for candy for breakfast. I said "No, but you will get plenty of candy tonight, it's Halloween." His reply, "Not Again!"
Someone at the truck-or-treat gave this to Ethan, he was very excited.

The family at the ward trunk-or-treat and carnival.

Here they are about to leave for the school carnival. "I see you behind that camera mom." points Ethan. Notice the perfect cat pose from Sarah and the fierce Spiderman from Josh.
Come on lets go.

Joshua thought this was sooooooo cool.

I had to do Sarah's makeup four times for different events. That's a lot of MaryKay samples.

Ethan is a dragon, or maybe a dinosaur, or perhaps Barny?

The kids carvning the pumkins. Sarah just kept saying, "Ewww, this is so gross."

The kids came up with designs, we just carved. Sarahs' star pumpkin also has little tiny holes all over it which had a neat effect in the dark. Joshua came up with the idea to put the bat glasses on his. He named it "NERD".