Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Food Man

Joshua likes it when I make his snacks into people or faces. I made him this snack the other day and about 15 minutes after I gave it to him he was still sitting at the table just looking at it. I said, "Why aren't you eating your snack?" He burst into tears and said, "I just can't eat him, I like him so much and he is my friend." So we made a video and took pictures so we could remember Little Food Man forever. He is a cheese stick body, a cracker head and cherry eyes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ok, this video is a little long and very dark quality but it makes me laugh. Let me narrate for you. The kids are getting ready to go out. The door bell rings and it's the first trick-or-treaters of the night. Ethan runs to the door hands out the candy then bursts into tears because we gave away the candy and he didn't get any. After crying on the couch for a bit the door bell rings again, and the same thing happens. He was so disapointed. Then at the very end of the video Joshua starts throwing up again. It's a classic!

Halloween 2008

Joshua was spider man. He started throwing up about 2 hours before we left to go trick-or-treating but still I could not talk him into staying home. I almost had to carry the poor little guy home after we were done.
I thought Sarah was a pink princess but I was later informed the she was "a person from India."

And here is Ethan our little frog prince. He loved this costume. He loved the candy. He got really picky towards the end and if someone handed him a piece of candy he didn't care for he would hand it back and say, "NO, that one." and point to the one he wanted instead.